Photo by Nandhu Kumar
@nandhukumar_nk on Instagram
Photo by Nandhu Kumar @nandhukumar_nk on Instagram

A home for capturing personal pieces.

Storytelling and taking part.

I’m sharing some of my personal pieces that were written to capture moments of gratitude.

I’d also like to learn about yours, and possibly share those here.

Share your stories and photos with me at amyalderman@passagesofgratitude.com.

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This is the only time that I have ever said this

This is the only time in my life that I have ever said this: I am grateful that my grandparents are not here. Up until recently, I would have told you I would give my right arm or more to see my Papa again. But not today. I would give everything I have to not…

Jan’s Cheesecakes

This week, my mom warmed up her oven and broke out her secret recipes for a cause, the Galena ARC’s Take the Cake Auction.

My Echo

A tortoise kitten found begging for food behind a restaurant in Taos, New Mexico, Echo was a tough and tender little one from the start.  For once, I was early to meet a friend and said I would visit an animal shelter “just to look.” I walked in, and Echo was in a cage at…

Galena Food Pantry sees changes as Pandemic ensues

While many food pantries across the country have seen a rapid increase in the number of clients coming to their doors for assistance during the Pandemic, Thomas Van Gelder at the Galena Food Pantry in Galena, Illinois has seen something a little different. “The irony is we have fewer clients coming in,” he said. However,…


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