This is the only time that I have ever said this

This is the only time in my life that I have ever said this: I am grateful that my grandparents are not here. Up until recently, I would have told you I would give my right arm or more to see my Papa again. But not today. I would give everything I have to not…

Jan’s Cheesecakes

This week, my mom warmed up her oven and broke out her secret recipes for a cause, the Galena ARC’s Take the Cake Auction.

My Echo

A tortoise kitten found begging for food behind a restaurant in Taos, New Mexico, Echo was a tough and tender little one from the start.  For once, I was early to meet a friend and said I would visit an animal shelter “just to look.” I walked in, and Echo was in a cage at…


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About Me

I’m Amy Alderman, a writer, mom and Tai Chi Chuan student. And this space, Passages of Gratitude, is a home for behind-the-scenes stories. -The unexpected times that spark appreciation along the winding road between big and small events.

Passages of Gratitude come from everywhere: the seedy background, the wander into someplace new, the kindness of strangers, the company of a katydid … the adventures of every day.

I hope to hear and share your stories and photos, too.

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